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Nurturing success, preventing failure. We have seen both. We work with growing companies to transform their strategies, structures, processes with the objective to create growth ready structures and solutions. 

Our scope includes


  • Assessment

  • Transformation strategy formulation & execution roadmap

  • Execution implementation support

  • Business model innovation

  • Scalable finance processes setup and transformation


We work on business transformation and specifically finance function transformation. 

We improve companies' financial value flows by transforming department's structures, processes and tasks into a digital experience: away from manual data entry and excel reports towards tool based, automated workflows, dashboard based reports and intelligent planning solutions.

Past project results suggest a 20-50% headcount reduction for the finance department, leaving time for your finance team to run better business analysis and get strategically involved.  

Corporate Governance

Working with Boards and Owners to grow their companies.


  • Growth assessment (contact us for an initial assessment discussion)

  • Growth strategy formulation & execution roadmap

  • Execution implementation support

  • Monitoring strategies & (digital) dashboards for Boards and Owners

  • Venture screening

CFO Services

Providing an extra hand to the team - full time, part time or project based.


  • Finance operations (payable and receivable management, cash and bank account management, reporting, planning)

  • Finance infrastructure setup (accounting, inventory management, reporting, expenses, tax and more) 

  • Accounting (monthly and yearly financial accounts)

  • Asset restructuring

  • Cash and profitability improvements

  • Finance team assessment and support with new hires

  • VAT implementation 

  • ISO 9001 certification implementation support

Our team structure allows us to cover a large variety of topics. We work on retainer, time based and fixed fee basis.

We offer a free growth assessment. Please complete the Growth Assessment form and contact us for a meeting request.