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Digital Finance Transformation

Finance can be a provider of historic financial audit reports or play a crucial role in the company’s strategy execution. Most business owners would wish for finance to be the business partner, but only get an accountant.
“We don’t have visibility on what is happening financially to the company”, “we had to hire an audit company to sort out the messy financial situation”, “I think we run out of cash very soon” are common complaints from companies that have only a “historic number driven finance function”.

With the transformation of the finance function into a modern, digital and effective environment, a business can 

  • save on finance overhead costs (typically 20-50%) for standard functions,

  • achiever higher accuracy and transparency,

  • improve process effectiveness and 

  • get strategic insights into the business drivers.

Cloud based infrastructure, data integration, visualization and automated analytics allow to build the engine and are a prerequisite for predictive analytics, robotic process automation (RPA), AI, and machine learning. 


Growth Partners supports digital transformation in the following areas:  

  • Automation of backoffice processes within the finance organization and across boundaries

    • Record-to-Report (R-T-R)

    • Procure-to-Pay (P-T-P)

    • Quote-to-Cash (Q-T-C)

  • Generating Business Insights required to monitor and execute strategy

    • Data capture strategy as baseline for analytics

    • Performance management

    • (Predictive) forecasting 

    • Digital dashboards for strategy or projects

    • Improved strategy implementation


Growth Partners supports SMEs in building the foundations for growth.

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Example Cases
Software company
Finance automation

The software company transforms its current business model from a traditional offering to a scalable automated self-service.

​Growth Partners transformed and simplified data, processes and systems (digital invoicing, credit management, inventory management, reporting) to prepare and support the company's scale.

Our work led to significant cost savings for the finance function as well as improved business insights.

Coffee Shop Chain
Digital Analytics Platform

The fast growing coffee chain was at a crossroad where to invest next. The company has grown beyond the ability to make strategic moves based on intuition.

We are building a data architecture with the intention to setup data analytics and then build a digital dashboard. The dashboard shall support the company’s management in their strategic decision making.


E-Commerce fashion
Scalable Finance

A new player in global e-commerce, the company is set to conquer the growing e-commerce trend in high-end fashion from its Dubai Headquarter.

​On interim basis, Growth Partners was responsible for strategic and operational financial topics. We setup and managed the end-to-end cycle of financial operations and HR, supported the ERP go live from start to the company's website launch, improved cash flow and costs and designed processes. We also identified significant automation potentials due to the cloud based ERP.  


Interim CFO project with strong identified automation potential