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Board effectiveness

The Board’s role is evolving from oversight to actively being involved in strategy setting and monitoring. Effective boards refocus their work towards strategic governance. Digitalization can help in bringing relevant information to board level and monitoring the right parameters. 
We help boards to improve their effectiveness: transforming from being an “oversight board” to a board actively involved in strategy setting and monitoring.

Analyzing current and desired effectiveness:

  • What topics does the board cover and what topics should the board cover in line with strategy and external trends?

  • How does the board drive strategy setting? How is strategy execution monitored?

  • What reports do board members receive? Do they bridge the information gap? How do they support strategy?

  • What digital solutions can be implemented to improve strategy monitoring?


We facilitate the required transformation.

Example Cases

Family Holding
Strategy Formulation

The traditional family business needed a renewed strategy that will bring the company back to growth.

Growth Partners worked with the board and the management to assess the company's growth readiness. We recommended a transformation strategy, a transformation committee at board level and ensured strategic and transformation related discussions in regular board meetings. 

Business Plan 

To improve the Board's strategy setting and monitoring, we developed the organization's business plan in a difficult business and financial environment. 

The financial model was supported by data driven financial analysis, the uncertainties of future developments were modelled via a Monte Carlo Simulation. 

Telecommunication Service
Board Meeting Effectiveness

The Telecommunication Service provider had undergone a heavy growth phase, yet, board meetings still reflected a strong focus on oversight. 

We worked with the CEO and restructured the board meeting agenda setting practice and the board presentation itself to allow for more insightful discussions and utilize the board's experience effectively in building the future strategy.